10 Ways to Avoid Getting Pinched on St. Patrick’s Day

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Were you one of those kids that always wore the smallest, most insignificant amount of green that you could on St. Patrick’s Day? For some reason, that was me. I’d wear green nail polish on one finger, or green underwear, or a green necklace hidden in my shirt. I loved fooling people into pinching me on St. Patrick’s Day. You got to pinch anyone who pinched you! Talk about payback. As an adult, I kind of hold on to this tradition. Not to pinch people, but I still avoid my green shirts and dresses and opt for a more subtle but still festive approach to avoid the dreaded pinch. Here are some great ways to avoid the pinching and still celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Clover Tattoo - Modern Parents, Messy Kids

DIY Four Leaf Clover TattoosModern Parents, Messy Kids

Keep a homemade temporary tattoo hidden behind a sleeve, or wear it loud and proud on your hand.

Four Leaf Clover Fascinator - Spoonful

Four Leaf Clover FascinatorSpoonful

Make your own pretty hairpin, and if you’re feeling devious, hide it on the back of your head.

Lucky Loom Band Printable - One Artsy Mama

Lucky Loom Band PrintableThe Benson Street for One Artsy Mama

Whip up some colorful loom band bracelets and give them to your friends to help them avoid the pinches.

Shamrock Boutonnieres - Martha Stewart


Shamrock BoutonnieresMartha Stewart

This is a pretty and classy way to show your Irish spirit.

Four Leaf Clover Charm - Fave Crafts


Four Leaf Clover CharmFave Crafts

Add this festive and pretty charm to a necklace or bracelet to be instantly pinch proof.

Pom Pom Shoe Clips - Lovely Indeed

Pom Poms for St. Patty’s Day – Lovely Indeed

Add a removable accessory to your shoes!

Simple St. Patrick's Day Headband - Girl Loves Glam

Simple St. Patrick’s Day HeadbandGirl Loves Glam

If you’re feeling a little more festive, try out a fun headband.

Popsicle Stick Bracelets - Modern Parents, Messy Kids

St. Patrick’s Day BraceletsModern Parents, Messy Kids

Grab some green paper and yarn to create some fun bracelets for St. Patty’s Day.

Beaded Shamrock Earrings - Always Expect More

Beaded Shamrock EarringsAlways Expect More

Make some pretty beaded earrings for subtle festivity.

Gold Tipped Ballet Flats - Brit + Co.

Gold Tipped Ballet FlatsBrit + Co.

Put the gold at the end of your toes with this fun craft.

You now have no excuses to be pinched this St. Patrick’s Day. What are you wearing?

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