DIY Perpetual Desk Calendar

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DIY Perpetual Desk Calendar with chalkboard

I’m horrible about keeping track of the date. I wanted a cute and functional way to keep track of the day of the week and the day as I’m working. I love this little desk calendar because the stand functions really nicely as a place to quickly jot down a phone number or reminder with some chalk, and the colors of the cube make me happy. I ended up using some air dry clay for the cubes because it’s what I had around at the time and I really like the imperfections it creates. If you prefer a more uniform look, grab some wood blocks in a size that fits your stand.


How to Make it:

(if you are using wood cubes, skip ahead to the painting steps)

Cut Cube

Measure a piece of scrap paper in 2 x 2 inches and cut it out of your block of clay.


Cut your square into 4 equal pieces to create your cubes.

Imprint Numbers

Your first 3 cubes will have numbers. Imprint your numbers into different blocks with the blunt end of a pen or pencil, or a knitting needle. 1 cube just needs numbers “0, 1, 2, and 3” for the first part of the date. Your second number cube will hold numbers 0-4, and your last will hold 5-9.

Imprint Weekdays

Your last cube will hold the days of the week. You can imprint M-F and an S for Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to have a blank side like the rest of the cubes, you can use the T for both Tuesday and Thursday.

Let dry for 24 hours or as indicated on your package.


Paint Chalkboard

Paint your stand with chalkboard paint. I used 2 coats to get a nice even color.

Paint Cubes

Paint your cubes, leaving one side untouched so the paint doesn’t stick and let dry. I chose to paint my numbers one color and my days another. Once the paint is dry, paint the last side. If you have blank sides of your cubes, I would recommend painting the unimprinted side last.

White Numbers

Once all the paint is dry, fill in your numbers in a contrasting color. If you’re using a wood cube, just paint your numbers on. Again, paint all but one side to dry on.

DIY Perpetual Desk Calendar

Once everything is dry, season your chalkboard stand and write the month. Set up the weekday and days to keep track of the date!

DIY Perpetual Desk Calendar

You can also use the stand to keep track of important numbers and info. Enjoy using your new calendar!

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