Paper Fortunes

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Valentines Paper Fortune Cookies


It’s Valentine season again and I know that the list of classmates has been sent home from the teacher. Each student is to make or at least write their own name on the back of a valentine for each classmate. This year, make the valentine special by having your child write a cute fortune for each friend and stick it inside one of these homemade paper fortune cookies.

Paper Fortune Cookie Supplies


fold and crease

Crease only part way

Start by cutting out circles, we made ours 3” in diameter. Next fold the circle in half with the right side of the paper on the inside. Pinch the fold in the middle, do not crease it the whole way across. This is creating a little crease that will help shape the cookie later.

Put fortune inside


Pull toward you

Fold Closeup

Open up the circle and with the wrong side facing up lay the fortune perpendicular to the fold. Gently fold the circle over the fortune with the right side facing out. Hold it in your hand with the middle facing your palm and the open side out. Pull your fingers together using the premade crease to help shape the cookie. When I made ours the paper automatically folded over its self on the open side.

Glue Dot

Let dry

Place a dot of glue at the crease and use a clothes pin to hold it together until the glue dries.

Valentine's Day Paper Fortune Cookies

This is a simple Valentine for kids of all ages to make for their friends.

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