Circular Photo Flip Up Book

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Peg Rounds

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Circular Photo Flip Up Book

There are many great ways to display your special photos.  Albums are nice to keep them all together and organized, but sometimes you’d just like to have a few of your favorites to sit on your desk or share with someone special.  This is where a circular photo flip up book is especially nice.  It allows you to have those special photos with you wherever you go.

Begin by cutting 4 circles from card stock (Super Value 12 x 12 card stock) using a circle cutter.  Any sized circles can be used to create this.  This one was done using a 6” circle.

Score the circle in half from top to bottom using a scoring board (Martha Stewart Scoring Board used).  For this album it was scored at 3”.


Rotate the circle so that the score line now matches the half measurement on the left side of the scoring board.  Here it is lined up at the 3” mark on the left.


Score from the top to bottom again scoring the circle in half.  The score for this one was at 3”.  This will create for sections to each circle.  Score all of the circles in this manner.

Score Circle

Fold all of the circles in half making sure that the score lines meet as shown in the picture.


This is what the circles will look like at this point.

Folded Circles

Now, cut up the bottom score line up to but not over the center (horizontal) line.

Cut Score Lines

Draw a line on the right hand side of each circle that is ½” below the score line and cut on the line you just created.

Draw Line

It should look like this when you are through.  Repeat on all of the circles.


Cut a small section out on each end to create a tab.


Take the bottom left flap and fold it up to the top.

Fold to Top

Fold it back down making sure the edges meet to create a wedge shape.

Fold Back Down

After do each of the above steps on all of the circles, lay them all aside.

Cut 4 more circles from patterned paper (Spring Blossom Specialty Pad by K & Co. used here).

Score them as you did in steps 2 through 3 above to create 4 sections to each circle.

Patterned Circle

Cut and remove the bottom right section from each circle. NOTE:  Do not create the tabs on these.  Save the sections that you cut out for later use.

Folded Patterned Circles

Using a paper trimmer or a pair of scissors cut the remaining sections apart so that you will have 3 wedges.


Adhere the top 2 wedges onto the top of the card stock circle using a tape runner.  Lay the bottom left wedge on, but do not adhere it.

Layer Wedges

Fold the bottom flap up and then back down while holding the patterned paper in place.  This will create the fold in the patterned paper.

Fold Bottom Flap

Remove that piece from the circle and cut it in half at the fold line.


Now, adhere it to the bottom flap using a tape runner making sure to leave a small space where the score line is so that it easily folds.


Place a piece of double sided tape on the flap of each circle right under the score line.

Protective Coating

After removing the protective coating from the tape, pull the left flap up and over the tab and adhere it to the tape.  This will cause the other half of the circle to stand up and that’s what you want.  Do this with all of the circles.

Fold Up

Fold each circle up and on one of them add strip of adhesive.  Place the next circle on top of it and then continue this until all circles are adhered together.

Adhere Circles Together

This is what your album will look like at this point when opened.

Album Progress

Close the album back up and place a 24” piece of ribbon around the album as shown.


Cover the front and back with 2 pieces of the patterned paper that you laid aside earlier to hide the ribbon.

Closed Album

Create a book for every occasion or theme.  They are small enough to carry in your purse or pocket and allow you to take those special memories with you wherever you go.  Add stamped images or die cuts to it instead of the pictures and create a unique card for a special friend in your life.

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