Mason Jar Tumblers

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By General Crafts Contributor Monica from the blog Mon Makes Things.

Frosted Mason Jar Tumblers

Frosted Glass Mason Jar Tumblers

I have been wanting to try my hand at some DIY mason jar tumblers for a while now, and I am pleased to report that they are WAY easier than you may think. Seriously, they’re like, really really easy. I decorated my jars with the Ball Transform Mason Frosting Paint for a subtle “etched” polka dot effect. The paint was supposed to be dishwasher safe, but unfortunately mine washed clean… So I suggest either hand washing these, using a different glass paint (I’ve heard good things about Martha Stewart), or decorating your jars a different way. The effect was really cute, but I recommend saving this particular paint for projects that won’t need to be washed regularly.

Spotted Jar

Stuff You’ll Need: Mason Jars with Lids, Reusable Plastic Straws, 1/2″ Rubber Grommets, Crop-A-Dile, Screwdriver, Glass Paint, Paint Pouncers

To achieve the polka dot look, I used three different sized paint pouncers. Pour a small amount of paint onto a paper plate, dab your pouncer into the paint, and dab the pouncer back onto the plate (not in the paint). You don’t want too much paint on your pouncer when you press the pouncer onto the jar or it will pool up around the edges of the pouncer. Follow the instructions on your glass paint for making your glasses dishwasher safe (though again, the Ball Transform Mason Paint washed off my jars in the dishwasher, despite the instructions).


Polka Dot Frosted Glass Mason Jar Tumbler

To make your tumbler lids, use your Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in the solid part of the mason jar lid. You can see these four steps in the above photo:

  1. Punch your first hole as far into the lid as your Crop-A-Dile (or other hole punch) will reach. Use this as your starting point.
  2. Punch a series of holes in a large circle, using your straw and grommet as a guide.
  3. Use your screwdriver to round out the edges of your punched circle — put your screwdriver through the hole and press it firmly against the inner edges of the circle so that any pointed parts bend back and downward.
  4. Press your grommet into the hole.

I used 1/2″ grommets for my lids, though I’ve seen a number of tutorials that call for 3/8″ grommets. It just depends on your straws. I bought my straws at Target near the reusable plastic cups (they are replacement straws for Aladdin brand cups).Now put the solid portion of your lid back into the lid ring and you’ve got yourself some DIY tumblers! Easy, right??

Of course you could decorate your jars any way you like, especially since this paint washed off in the dishwasher… You could use actual etching cream for example, or you could try this gilded mason jar project with tumbler lids instead of vase lids!




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  1. anahi

    Hola que tal. Podrias decirme donde comprar accesorios para mason y aladdin las tapas de colores. Y tambien los aros de goma para el popote. Saludos

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