Create a Gratitude Tree for Thanksgiving

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By Guest Blogger Amy from The Connection We Share

Create a Gratitude Tree for Thanksgiving
Since Thanksgiving is almost here, it’s the perfect time to remember all those people who make our lives better with their big and small contributions. I feel that it’s the perfect way to make your kids understand the importance of the things that life gives us. Here are some simple steps to create a cool looking gratitude tree.

Begin by gathering these things:


Here are the steps you need to follow for the tree:

1. Draw a leaf on the craft paper and cut it out

Tip: For creating real looking leaves, use paper in the shades of green, yellow, or other colors of trees.

2. Use the leaf as a template to cut out other leaves

Tip: If you want to use leaves with different sizes, you can cut out 3-4 template leaves.

3. Arrange the setup

 Tip: Add rocks to the base of the vase and stick the tree branch in it so that it can stand vertically. If you’re allowing your kids to add the rocks, it’s best to use a plastic vase instead of a glass one.

4. Ask your kids to write their gratitude notes

 Tip: If your kids are too young to write, they can draw things on the leaves or you can write on the leaves for them.

5. Hang the leaves on the tree

 Tip: You can help them tie up the knots if they are too young.

I think it’s blessed to have something in life to be grateful for. And it’s a good thing to teach kids the importance of being thankful to the universe for what it has provided us. The more we are grateful, the more opportunities we get to be grateful for.

 One more tip: If you have some of these things leftover from your craft kits, this is a great opportunity to use up these materials. If  you are a Kiwi Crate user like me, you can save a lot of money by getting a Kiwi Crate discount code.

About The Author

Amy Lee is one of the top mommy bloggers in Vancouver who loves spending time with her daughter Elle. Her blog The Connection We Share is based on articles and tips for parents to connect with their children easily and in a fun way through daily activities like crafting and photography. She loves eating chocolates, making kale chips, and drinking tea. She also likes to crate family photo albums with and you can find blurb coupons here. You can also find her on Google+.


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