Stacked Chain Bangle

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Stacked Chain Bangle Bracelet

DIY Stacked Chain Bangle

I love mixing metals and coming up with new ways to wear them. I also really love bracelets. This is a fun way to get the feeling of stacked bracelets with just one piece that’s easy to put on and remove. You can wear it with other bracelets and really let your personality show. It’s a really easy craft to whip up. The  hardest part is waiting for the resin to set.

 What You’ll Need:

  •  Silicone Bracelet Mold (or make your own by wrapping plastic wrap around 2 things that create the size you want)
  • Jewelry Chains (The colorful middle one was one I had left over from this project)
  • ICE Resin
  • Disposable Bowl
  • Craft Stick or other way to dispense resin

What to Do:

First, You’ll want to measure the circumference of your jewelry mold by sticking a cloth measuring tape on the inside and wrapping it around. To give you an idea of how big your mold needs to be, min was a little over 8 1/2 inches.

Chain in mold

Next, take your various chains and shorten them to just a tiny bit over the circumference of your mold, and connect the ends. Then, slip your chain around your mold and push to the bottom. You want it to be a little snug, so you can suspend the chains where you want them to sit, but not so tight that you aren’t able to take them out. Repeat with as many chains as you would like and can fit in your mold.

Prepare resin

Prepare your resin as directed on the package in your disposable bowl. Take your craft stick and gently start adding the resin to your mold, making sure it completely surrounds the chains.

Resin Drying

I’ll admit it. I eventually just poured the resin into the mold in a circular motion. I’m not sure if I would recommend doing it that way, but it all worked out just fine for me if you’re impatient. After everything was poured, I moved the excess resin toward the bangle to fill in every crevice and then leveled everything out with my craft stick.  I did notice that doing it this way produced a lot more bubbles. In order to get rid of them, I agitated the chains above the bubble until it floated to the top.

Clean Area

If you were impatient like me, you’ll want to take a paper towel and wipe as much of the excess resin off of the mold as you possibly can. It’ll make your finished product much cleaner. Let the resin harden as directed on the package, I ended up waiting overnight, almost 24 hours before my bracelet was hard enough to take out of the mold. It wasn’t completely solid for another 6 hours.

DIY Stacked Chain Bracelet

Pop your bracelet out of your mold once it’s completely hard. If you’re using a homemade mold with plastic wrap, you might have an easier time, it takes a lot of working the mold to get the bracelet out.

DIY Stacked Chain Mixed Metal Bangle

Chain Bangle Bracelet

Pop on your bangle and you’re ready to go. You can wear it with other bangles and bracelets, but it’ll get the stacked look with just one piece.

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