Featured Crafter: Melissa from Green Owl Art

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No Sew Halloween Costumes

Easy No-Sew Halloween Costumes

My name is Melissa and I am a stay at home mama to two beautiful babes, Emma, 6 and Grayson, 3. I strongly believe that art should be an essential part of a child’s life. I watch my children grow and learn through art everyday. I have always been an artist my entire life and dabbled in pretty much every form, but when I became a mother it was a bit challenging for me to find ways for my children to be involved. After much trial and error I have found that children are born artists with amazing imaginations ready to create. We just need to help them embrace their creative mind.

Melissa has fantastic recipes, games and crafts to make with your kids. Check out some of our favorites:

Easy Hand Puppets - Green Owl Art

Easy Hand Puppets

Kids can create their own characters and stories for each face on their finger puppets to act out in a puppet theater! The above photo is the 3 Little Pigs!

No-Cook Oatmeal - Green Owl Art

No-Cook Oatmeal

Make a healthy breakfast the night before with this fun recipe. All you have to do is grab and go in the morning!

“With Me All Day” Pendant

To help with her daughter’s first day of school jitters, Melissa made a special pendant just for her, and had Em create a pendant for Melissa to wear. Whenever one missed the other, they could look at the pendants.

Find even more lovely tutorials and ideas to create and teach with your children over at Melissa’s blog, Green Owl Art.

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