Bottle Cap Owl

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Create this cute owl with recycled materials! Tutorial at

Owls are so popular right now and since they are a sign of fall this will make a great project for little ones this time of year.  Helping  your child make one of these recycled creatures using bottle caps, will surely inspire their imagination.



Paper Clip Example

Start by opening up the paper clip all the way straight, then fold it in half. Next, hot glue one bottle cap to the inside of the jar lid, then fit the folded paper clip in to make the beak and the eye brows of the owl. Then glue the other bottle cap in place.

Clip Feet

Next, clip the pull tabs with the metal clippers to make the feet. Hot glue in place.

Spray Paint

Once the glue has set, paint the owl with the spray paint. I chose white, but brown or another color would work as well.

Allow Paint to Dry

Let the paint dry.


Then hot glue the buttons inside the bottle caps for the eyes.


Glue the finished owl to the twig.


Whoooo’s too cute? This Owl!!!

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    Эта СОВА мне таааак понравилась,что не дождусь, когда встретимся с внуками, и будем вместе делать такую… СПАСИБО!

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