Mission to Fix My Sewing Machine

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It’s official. Today, I’m going to make a real attempt to fix my broken sewing machine. I know it’s not too messed up. In fact, I’m about 90% sure that the tension in the bottom bobbin is just messed up. The fact still remains, though, that it has been sitting in my craft room all summer waiting. Mocking me. I’ve had to keep the door closed to try to forget about it. I lasted about 6 months with that machine before I was completely stumped by how to fix it. I know I’ll be able to. It’s just doing it’s annoying tension thing, tying in knots when I’m just sewing in a straight line. But today, I’m walking into my craft room, armed with a smartphone opened to every article about tension I can find, and I am going to fix it. I have to fix it…

sewing machine

So, I slowly opened up my craft room door, and there it is… My sewing machine, sitting on the table. As I sat down, I actually noticed that it had developed quite a thick dust layer. I actually had to go grab a duster to clean it off. The bobbin case and bobbin were sitting on top of the machine for 6 months, exactly like the picture above. After I sat down, I grabbed my smart phone and immediately opened up this link about sewing machine tension on Threads Magazine. I read all the way through the article, which was a great idea because there are lots of different ideas to try before adjusting thread tension, like cleaning the machine. I had tried this a few times before, but I gave it a pretty thorough cleaning in all of the nooks and crannies in the lower part of the machine. Then, I took the thread all the way out of the machine, and redid both the top and the bottom threading with contrasting colors of thread.


Then, I followed the advice of the column, and grabbed myself a piece of scrap fabric. I did a little test seam, and took a look at the stitches. I had the upper color visible on the wrong side of my fabric, and according to the article, that meant my tension was off on the top side of the machine. I thought that since the bottom bobbin was knotting up, there was something wrong with the bobbin on the bottom! I adjusted the top tension slightly and ran a few more test seams on my fabric. Everything went smoothly! I almost couldn’t stop stitching because it was such a relief and felt so good. All in all, fixing my machine ended up taking about 15 minutes. To think, I waited 6 months out of frusteration for such a simple fix.

Find out what I made with my newly fixed machine tomorrow!

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