Duct Tape Clutch

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Create a no sew pencil pouch or clutch with just some paper, string, and duct tape! Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

School is back in full swing and sometimes you need a cute little clutch to carry all of your pens, pencils, I.D. cards and money. Even the youngest of students have these items to keep in order in their backpacks. This is a great project using all the colorful duct tapes available. Since I was working with a Kindergarten helper, we used a paper template to stick the tape to, but older kids could just use tape.


Cut Template

Start off by cutting out a template for the clutch. There are many basic templates on the web, pick a shape that works for you. We chose one that had a fold over flap for a closure. When cutting out the template, we made sure to place all the pattern pieces beside each other and cut out one large continuous piece. 

Tape off inside, add magnet

Next we chose a color of tape for the inside. On the inside of the flap, stick a piece of magnet tape on before you cover it with duct tape. Then cover the entire inside with tape. Trim the tape to the edge of the template. Then you can flip it over and chose a different color for the outside, plan out where the bag will close and place the other piece of magnet tape on the outside and cover the whole outside and trim the tape along the edge of the template.  

Fold Bag and Tape

Once the front and the back are covered, fold the bag and tape it together on the sides. 


We created a fancy trim for the edge by using a third color and a length of cord. We placed the cord on the center of the sticky side of the tape.  Then line the edge of the clutch up with the center of the tape, then press the side of the tape to the front and back of the clutch, creating a corded trim, just like a real stitched leather bag. 

Glue Charm

We had an eraser that matched our theme, so we glued it to the front flap with E6000 glue. 

DIY Duct Tape Clutch. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

The clutch is done and ready for the school year!


A couple of notes, to get a nice clean edge, I cut the tape instead of ripping it. Even though the tape is designed to be ripped, it leaves a hairy edge that I did not care for. This makes the scissors sticky, so clean the scissors when finished.

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