Puffy Paint Window Clings

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Back to School Puffy Paint Window Clings. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

It’s Back to School time and in anticipation of starting school we made some decorations for the house to celebrate starting school. We made window clings to make our living room and front porch a little more festive. The window clings are simple to make and a great project for little hands to work on tracing lines. The hardest part is waiting a full 24 hours for the paint to dry!




Start your project by choosing the line drawing that you want to make into window clings.  I created the drawings by hand using a sharpie marker, so they would be big and bold to trace, but choosing black and white clipart and printing the images out of the computer would work too! 


Once the designs have been selected, place a piece of wax paper over the image.  We were able to hold the wax paper in place with one hand while tracing it with the other, but placing a piece of tape on the wax paper to hold it in place may help the younger children keep the wax paper in place. 


To make the cling, start piping the puffy fabric paint onto the wax paper following the black and white outline. Make sure to connect all ends. When changing colors make sure both colors touch. This keeps the cling in one piece when it is removed from the wax paper. 

Pencil Cling

Also make sure the lines are thick and solid, if there are thing spots go back and add more paint or the cling will rip when removed from the wax paper. 

When the design is traced and the painting is done, the puffy fabric paint must be left dry for 24 hours. It seems like an eternity, but it must be completely dry before trying to remove it from the wax paper. If removed soon the cling can stretch and rip. 

Let Dry and Peel

Apple Window Cling - Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

To remove the wax paper, gently lift one of the corners of the design and pull the cling with one hand and the wax paper away with the other. 

DIY Apple Window Cling Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

To stick the cling to the window, place the shiny side to the window. The side that was attached to the wax paper will be facing you. 

Back to School Pencil Window Cling - Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

So simple, clings can be made for any occasion! Get decorating!    

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3 thoughts on “Puffy Paint Window Clings

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  2. Nan Croney

    Do you know if this will work with Elmer’s Glitter Glue? It is less expensive from what I can see. Also, how much of a tube did you use to make the apple? Thanks.

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