Paper Mosaic Sunflower

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By Guest Blogger Maria Mercedes

Paint Chip Mosaic



Paint Chips

1. Collect free sample colors from department stores or paint stores.

Choose a variety of shades. For example, if one of the colors to be used it’s yellow choose as many different variations of yellow ranging from the lightest yellow  to darkest one.

Cut Paper

2. Pre cut your free color samples into 1″ squares or smaller (this step is optional if you prefer you can cut as you go). Keep in mind that this little squares don’t have to be of a perfect measurement. They can be re cut to fit a specific area later on.


3. Use your picture frame insert as a template to cut the poster board so that it can fit into the picture frame. Following the manufactures instructions to transfer the sunflower pattern to the poster board.

Sketch Placement

4. Start gluing your colors with Elmer’s glue. Do small sections at the time as your schedule allows you to. Paper mosaic can be a little time consuming but it is cost effective and a very beautiful form of art.


5. Frame your Art.




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3 thoughts on “Paper Mosaic Sunflower

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  2. kemper stone

    Brilliant project, perfectly explained! Thank you and bless you for sharing.
    I’ve accepted an assignment to teach art to eight elementary school classes in 70 minute sessions, once a week, and have been frustrated by management’s refusal to provide any funding, much in the way of supplies, or permission for me to bring in my recycled cardboard and paints, and the other free stuff that’s worked well in the past. Since all we do have is crayons, scissors, elmer’s school glue, and random packets of construction paper, it occurred to me that paper mosaic was the thing to do. It had not occurred to me to use paint samples, although I’ve been mindful of what a poor and wierd selection of colors we have to work with. I hesitate to scrounge enough paint samples for more than a couple of kids’ projects, but hope to knock out an example using paint samples that may motivate the school to provide enough additional paper in a greater variety of colors.

    Again, thanks for sharing something so clear, simple and brilliant.

    Kemper C. Stone Cave Language Academy (bilingual spanish/english, grades k-4) Vallejo (sf bay area) California

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  4. Kimberly Rucks

    I started a project with real mosaic tiles. Some did well, some, it was too complicated. This is a GREAT way to help those less able to do it be able to accomplish the project. I also will help the ones that could, practice for a bigger project with the tiles! Thank you!

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