Frosted Glass Luminaries

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

DIY Frosted Glass Luminaries from recycled materials.

Pretty luminaries that light up the night are so cool and create a great atmosphere for summer parties. We saw frosted glass luminaries at a home decor store and my daughter fell in love with them. I looked at the basic shape and it hit me, we can make these at home with soda bottles. They are cheaper than their glass look a likes and if you use the battery operated votive candles, they are safer, no breaking if they get knocked over.


Cut Neck of bottle

Cut Bottom of Bottle

Cut Bottle

Begin this project with a clean and dry soda bottle with the label removed. Next cut the neck of the bottle off at the top of the curved dome of the bottle. I used a large serrated knife to cut through the plastic and get a clean edge. Then cut the bottom of the bottle off at the end of the flat side, before the curve of the bottom begins. 

Dome Shape

Spray Paint

There is the dome. Next take the bottle outside and lightly spray the white spray paint into the inside at the bottom. Do this in 2 coats, you can always add more paint if it is not coated well enough.

Faux Frosted Glass

Aim the spray can at the inside bottom edge and the mist of the spray will coat more of the inside creating the frosted look.

DIY Faux Frosted Glass Luminaries from Recycled Materials. Tutorial at

Let the paint dry, then light a votive candle and set the painted dome over top. If you have battery operated votive candles even better.

Recycled Frosted Glass Luminaries. Tutorial at

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  2. Jacqueline

    I really like this idea and just looking at it I see several variation I can try with it ! Just awesome girl!

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