Featured Crafter: Shia Lynn

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Artsy Craftsy Blogger Necklace

Artsy Craftsy Blogger Necklace

Shia Lynn is a Creative Lifestyle Blogger, an Artist/Crafter and a full-time copywriter. Her involvement in the communication design field has enabled her to unravel creativity beyond boundaries which led her to spread her creative light & love through her blog’s arts, craft and creativity content. Her aim is to inspire her readers with creativity and to empower people to get in touch with their inner creative-selves.

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Shia Lynn holds a certificate in Fabric Painting teacher by Pebeo, France and is also a certified creative life coach in colour psycho-spiritual studies and healing with art. Shia Lynn has always been an entrepreneur at heart; her past achievements include owning a legit enterprise at age 18 called Painted On and self-designed T-Shirt Collection, had 2 fashion shows labelled ‘L for Lynn’ and painted on bridal gowns for a boutique owner.

Artsy Craftsy Blogger Painted Fabric

Artsy Craftsy Blogger Painting

Artsy Craftsy Blogger Necklace

When not blogging, she enjoys exploring with mixed media art, digital/film photography, creative journaling, intuitive painting and more. Learn more about Shia Lynn and her creative lifestyle and inspirations blog at www.theartsycraftsy.com

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