Ropes and Chains

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Celebrity Craft Professional Mark Montano’s latest book the Big-Ass Book of Bling is full of enough projects to cover you in bling from head to toe! This cool cuff is just one of the many upcycling crafts you can find in this book! Visit our friend Mark Montano’s website and Youtube Channel for even more crafty and DIY bling ideas!




From Mark Montano's The Big-Ass Book of Bling, the Ropes and Chains Cuff! Tutorial at

These are two of the first projects I made for this book and I immediately fell in love with them.  Something about using unexpected materials to create something beautiful just turns me on.  There are all kinds of variations to this design and I’m hoping that if you make a version of this cuff you’ll share them with me.  I also hope you’ll love them as much as I do.


YOU’LL NEED for the red and blue cuff


HERE’S HOW to make the red and blue cuff

Cut Circle

Draw a 2 ½” diameter circle on your aluminum flashing and cut out with your serrated shears.

Glue the Blue Cord
Alternating dabs of hot glue and E-6000 glue your blue laundry line in the center of the circle, wrapping round and round until you’ve created a 1” diameter circle.

Start Gluing the red
Glue the red laundry line around the blue leaving about ¼” of aluminum flashing around the edge of the circle.

Carefully wrap the ball chain with a toothpick
With your E-6000 only and a toothpick, carefully wrap your ball chain around the circle until you’ve reached the end of the aluminum flashing.

On each side of the cuff you will glue and wrap the red laundry line in circles with the tail of the laundry line trailing to the center of the cuff, but not all the way to the center.  You will need a flat surface in which to glue your circle.

With the E-6000 surround the red circles with more silver ball chain.

Glue your circle on top with the E-6000 and let dry.

Attach Silver Beads

Attach beads on each side

Glue your silver balls in the center of the red side circles and the blue and red circle and let dry.


HERE’S HOW to make the orange and gold cuff

Wrap the Orange Cord

Carefully glue 3 circles on to your cuff using the orange rope making sure to tuck in the ends so under the wrapping so that it’s neat.  Use alternate dabs of hot glue and E-6000 to keep the rope in place.

Attach gold ball chain
Using only the E-6000 and a toothpick, surround your orange circles with the gold tone ball chain two times and let dry.

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