Coffee Filter Flowers

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By General Crafts Contributor Erin from the blog Lovesome.

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers. Tutorial at

I love having fresh flowers in my home. They give such a nice pop of color and bring so much life to a space, I love it! If I had it my way, I would have fresh flowers in every room, all the time. I’ve told my husband that I’ll know we’ve “made it” when I have a standing delivery with a florist to have fresh flowers delivered every week :). Until then (if it ever happens!) I keep trying new ways to get the look, and I have to say, these coffee filter flowers are my favorite! My husband even thought they were real for a few days until I mentioned that I made them. So they pass the test!


Let’s get to it!


What you need:

What to do:





1. Use 4-8 coffee filters per flower, depending on how full you want it. The more filters you use the more bunched the petals will be, like a carnation. Using less filters will make it look more like a peony.


Stack your filters and then fold them into thirds; folding them in half, in half again, and in half again.




2. Cut the edges off by cutting scallops. This gives the petals their shape at the top, so experiment with different shapes! Loose scallops and sharp points would create interesting flowers, too.


I set half of my filters aside and cut them same way, only cutting off more of the filter to make these smaller. The flower bunches better and looks more realistic if the filters are smaller in the middle, and I found that taking 2-3 inches off the filter looked best to me.




3. Lay your filters out flat with the smaller filters on top, and coming from the bottom, poke floral wire up through the middle. Pull the wire up a bit, and then poke it back through to the bottom, leaving at least a quarter inch between the two holes (we don’t want any ripping!).




Twist the wire in the back to secure it.




4. Now it’s time to bunch the filters and shape the flower. Start with the top filter, and scrunch it between your fingers. It naturally scrunches nicely, but you will want to shape it.


complete scrunch


Continue adding one layer at a time until the flower is completely shaped.


5. Wrap the floral wire around the base of the flower making sure to keep everything nice and tight.




6. You could wrap the base and wire with floral tape, or you could stick a skewer into the base and wrap it as well. I like doing this if the flower will be in a vase, it keeps it nice and upright.


Once you have your skewer nice and tight, start at the base of the flower and wrap the wire and skewer with floral tape, all the way to the bottom.




7. Now the fun part!

The reason I like these flowers more than tissue paper flowers is because you can really customize the color, and the filters absorb and hold the color really well making the flowers look realistic.


I have experimented with three ways of coloring these:

1. Painting the finished product with watercolors

2. Dying the filter in food coloring and water BEFORE making the flowers (make sure they dry completely before you start)

3. Dipping the finished flower in food coloring and water and letting it dry


All of these methods produced beautiful flowers. Dipping the finished product was the fastest, but one flower did slip out of the floral tape and fell apart, so keep that in mind. It was fun to mix food coloring and get varied colors on the filters, but I also love the look of the ones that have been hand painted. They look the most real to me and have a stiffer texture that might allow the flower to be more protected from little hands.


Have fun with it, and enjoy some new, long-lasting flowers in your home!


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