Crayon Rocks

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

DIY Crayon Rock Paperweights - Tutorial at

If you have little ones, you may already have a little rock collector on your hands!  Even though this project involves crayons, the possibilities are endless and fun for adults who are kids at heart alike.  Just think how easy (and cheap!) it would be to bring a rock home from your next vacation as a souvenir.


2 - heating rock in  toaster oven

After finding a rock, clean it off with soap and water.  Then stick it into the oven (we used our toaster oven) for a few minutes.  I set my toaster to about 350 degrees.  The rock was hot to touch (I used a dish towel to transport mine) so this is definitely a project that requires close supervision.

3 - rock on newspaper with crayons

Place your rock on some newspaper and if you have a specific hue you’re going for, place a set of those specific crayons for your child to use.  Since our rock was heart shaped, I chose pinks and reds.

4 - coloring the rock with pink crayon


5 - coloring rocks with two hands

Use the crayons directly on your rock and be amazed at how vibrant the color comes out!  After covering your rock, set it aside to dry.

6 - adding nail polish for sheen

I wanted to jazz up my rock (my soon-to-be-paperweight) so I added white dots with nail polish.  After that dried, I added a clear coat of nail polish to seal the color in.

Crayon Rock Paperweight - Tutorial at

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