Lord of the Rings (and Stones)

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Celebrity Craft Professional Mark Montano’s latest book the Big-Ass Book of Bling is full of enough projects to cover you in bling from head to toe! This easy necklace from recycled materials is just one of the many projects! Visit our friend Mark Montano’s website and Youtube Channel for even more crafty and DIY bling ideas!





Lord of the Rings (and Stones) Necklace from the Big-Ass Book of Bling!

Did you know that when you put resin on cardboard it becomes as hard as metal?  I’ve been going nuts using the two together with terrific results and have created some pieces that hold up just as well as other pieces of jewelry.  Not only that, these pieces won’t tarnish like metal pieces.  Plus, they’re made from recycled materials.  I’d say this technique is a WINNER!



Cut Rings

Cut your rings with the craft knife.  They don’t have to be perfect or even the same size, variation will make this look terrific.

Paint with Metallic Paint

Paint each ring front and back with the Lumiere acrylic paint.

Glue Gems

Glue on your flat back gems with Elmer’s.

Place your pieces on a flat surface covered with wax paper.

Go outside and mix your 2 part resin and coat each piece, then let set.

When one side is done flip the pieces over and coat the other side with more resin.  This process will take a while so look through the book and make some other resin pieces at the same time.

Cut your chain in sections that are 6” long.

Add Chain

Open a link on the end of your chain, thread it through two links and close the chain like you see in the photo above.

Add Clasp

Add jump rings and loops of 10” chain to the end loops and a lobster claw for a closure.

Mark Montano's Lord of the Rings (and Stones) Necklace from the Big-Ass Book of Bling


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