Free Stuff Friday Winner!!

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We hope you had a wonderful weekend! We are very excited to give away our wonderful stationary pack! Congratulations to… Laura!

8 Paper doll designs with matching envelopes and stickers


Owl, Toucan, Quail and Hummingbird Stationary


Laura will receive 2 packs of notecards, each with 16 pieces and a sticker sheet! The first is the Paper Doll Parade pack with 2 each of 8 different paper doll design note cards with matching envelopes and an adorable sticker sheet. The second is the Birds of a Feather Pack that includes 4 of each of 4 different bird design note cards with matching envelopes and another sticker sheet. Add colorful whimsy to your handwritten notes!

The winning answer to “Are you a Morning Person or a Night Owl?” is…

     “NOT a morning person at all”

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week.  Check back on Friday for your chance to win!!

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One thought on “Free Stuff Friday Winner!!

  1. kathryn carnovale

    After pondering the early bird or night
    owl characteristics I have arrived at the only logical answer (for me).
    With creature adaptation working at a frenzied pace to, literally, stay afloat during massive, continual physical changes brought daily via hurricanes, volcanos glacial build then melt. Nothing in the history of the universe has hinted at subtlety. To my answer, I embrace my daytime persona of light, sun, lots of insatiable creativity. When bed time nears I am waiting for my chromosomal” “other” to awaken eager to read journal, work in mixed media all centered in expression yet as different as the social morning song-birds and the lone contemplative owl. Instead of this prosaic sounding deep in thought response I vote on the song-bird that gets so caught up playing and creating making the very thought of sleep seem far less exciting. thanks for the great site and fun elements

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