Gold Geometric Coasters

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By General Crafts Contributor Monica from the blog Mon Makes Things.

Make these easy painterly coasters. Tutorial at

Easy DIY geometric coasters. Tutorial at

So I’ve been wanting to make my own coasters for a while, particularly because my boyfriend has a habit of “balancing” beverages on the back of my couch or the arm of my chair… So I’m hoping that having coasters will encourage him to rest his drinks on a level surface. 😉


This project uses ceramic tiles from the hardware store and are super cheap – 13 cents each! Their bargain price makes up for the higher cost of the paint. The paint is pretty cool though; you paint it on, bake the coasters, and then the paint is enameled and dishwasher safe!

DIY Painterly Ceramic Coasters. Tutorial at

Easy and Pretty DIY Coasters from

You will need: (4) 4.25″ square ceramic tiles, Porcelain paint, paintbrushes, roll of thin cork, E6000 craft glue


Using your paintbrush, paint a design of your choosing onto your coasters. I free-handed my patterns, as I like the hand painted touch of imperfection. 😉 Carefully paint the edges of your tiles with gold paint. You may need multiple coats on the edges for full coverage. Let the paint dry for 24 hours, then place your tiles into a cold oven — this allows the tiles to heat up with the oven, preventing cracking. Set your oven to 300º F and let the tiles bake for about 40 minutes (the paint bottle says 35 minutes, but does not account for preheating time).

Back a tile with cork for a ceramic coaster

Cut four 4″ squares from your cork. When your tiles are finished baking and have cooled, apply your craft glue to the backs of your tiles. Firmly press your cork onto the tile back, making sure all edges are adhered. When all your tiles have been back with cork, stack them, turn them upside down, and place a heavy book/object on top to be sure the glue sets evenly.


You could make a matching set if you wanted, or you could create a stencil or straight lines using tape. Each tile is like a mini canvas for you! I think these would make a cute housewarming or wedding gift for someone, too!

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2 thoughts on “Gold Geometric Coasters

  1. Diana

    You have totally given me inspiration for holiday gift ideas! I was thinking these could be decorated with subject related “art” for teacher gifts.

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