Embroidery Hoop Memo Board

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DIY a memo board from an embroidery hoop and string. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

I”ll admit it, I’m a hoarder. I can’t bear to part with any piece of paper that has even the smallest amount of sentimental attachment. When I was a teenager, I covered an entire wall with cork to hold everything from movie ticket stubs to photos. While the cork board wall is now gone, I still have a box of its remains just waiting to be proudly displayed again. This embroidery hoop memo board lets me share my memories in a much more attractive way.

What You Need:

Here’s How to Make It:

Open the embroidery hoop and wrap twine around.

Open your embroidery hoop and remove the outer piece. Then, take your twine and tie a knot around one end of the inner piece of your embroidery hoop. Leave a small tail at the end. Start wrapping your twine around the embroidery hoop a few times in a random pattern. Make sure your tension is tight so that the string doesn’t move around much.

Keep wrapping until you have a fairly thick "web"

Keep wrapping around and around until you’ve wrapped most of the hoop. You want the web to be kind of thick so that items will stay in the memo board. You’ll probably want to work around the hoop at least twice. Once the web looks good, wrap back to your original knot and cut off a long piece of twine.

Tie the ends

Wrap your tail underneath your first knot to secure and then tie it in a knot again. For security that your knot will stay in place, you can add a small amount of hot glue directly onto the knot. Don’t add too much or the hoop won’t fit back on.

Replace Outer hoop

Replace the outer hoop back onto your memo board. Your knots probably won’t quite fit underneath the second hoop layer, but there is a small gap in the edge where the screw goes that should fit your knot perfectly, provided you didn’t over-do the hot glue :).

Embroidery Hoop Memo Board Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

You can hang your board on the wall simply by placing the edge of the hoop over a nail, or create a hanger from ribbon or leftover twine that can be wrapped around the inner hoop and strung from the top.

Make a cute memo board from an embroidery hoop and string. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

Hold your mementos inside the board by stringing them through a few pieces of twine. Anywhere the twine crosses will hold it in place. Enjoy!

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