Watercolor Magnets

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By General Crafts Contributor Erin from the blog Lovesome.

Easy to make watercolor magnets to add a little bit of whimsy to your kitchen - ThinkCrafts.com

I’m kind of in love with anything watercolor right now. The soft colors are just so fresh and springy to me. I was experimenting one afternoon with different patterns and colors and thought they would make pretty magnets. I have to say, I love how they turned out!


Here’s what to you need to make your own:
 Start painting pretty designs and doodles with the watercolors


First, start painting. Have fun with it! I just kind of doodled with the paintbrush and experimented with blending different colors, nothing too complicated.


add mod podge to the wooden disk


Once you are happy with your paintings, take your small wooden disks and trace them. These will be the front of the magnets so make sure you like the placement.


Next, cut out the circles and Mod Podge them to the wooden disks.


Hot Glue the magnet to the disk


Once they are dry hot glue the magnet to the back of the disk.


Make your own pretty and simple watercolor magnets - ThinkCrafts.com


Done! These magnets are so quick, but are a fun little project to tackle. I love how easy it will be to make some more when I’m ready for a change. I think a little bag of these would be a make a sweet and simple gift, too
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