Egg Carton Wreath

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By Guest Blogger Jennifer from the blog Brave New Home

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Recycle Old Egg Cartons to Make a Floral Wreath with Brave New Home -

When I came across this bright and intriguing wreath on Pinterest, I had to do a double take.  A wreath made of egg cartons?  Genius!  After heading over to the corresponding blogfor directions, I thought, What an easy project and one that my son will enjoy creating, too.  Sound the buzzer.  Wrong!  But in the end, it was such a cute wreath and a present I’m sure oma (grandma) will enjoy : ]

Paint, Egg Cartons, and a Paintbrush

As for materials, you probably have all of them on hand already (aren’t those just the best projects ever?).  I used four egg cartons, some leftover cardboard, acrylic paints and hot glue.

Tear Egg Cartons by cup

Tear the egg cartons apart using your hands.  You will have plenty of time to get creative with your scissors.  Plenty. of. time.  Two blisters in I sorta realized this was one of those projects that was deceptively time consuming.  And the shapes of the egg cartons are difficult to maneuver around so all my flowers were basically wavy egg cartons.  Oh, and save the lids to cut petals out of.

Kids can help with this part of the egg carton project

After nights of cutting flower shapes, I was totally stoked to let Anak loose on em.  I pictured us painting together and me giving him little lessons on mixing paint.

Painted Yellow Cartons for flower centers

This was about as much interest as he could feign.  You win some you lose some and those couch cushion fortresses will not build themselves.

Purple on the outside cartons, you can mix the paint while it's still wet

I picked up where he left off so I could incorporate his creations.

Multi Colored Cartons to create the look of flowers

And then I painted and painted and painted the rest of the flowers.  I watered down my acrylics just a bit but I don’t recommend diluting them too much as the cardboard is so absorbent and will get soggy easily.

Green Cardboard piece in the shape of a wreath

I cut out a cardboard “o” and painted it green.  After the flowers had dried I hot glue gunned them onto the wreath.

Start gluing the colorful pieces onto the cardboard o

Midway through washing dishes Anak’s interest in flowers suddenly returned 😛

Recycled Egg Carton Wreath with A Brave New Home -

Here’s our finished wreath.

Close up Egg Carton Wreath

And a side view.

Wreath Made From Egg Cartons with A Brave New Home -

Since the wreath is just cardboard, I recommend hanging it inside.

Spring Egg Carton Wreath DIY with A Brave New Home -

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2 thoughts on “Egg Carton Wreath

  1. Jamie W.

    I love projects which take ordinary items and turn them into something lovely, and this was certainly one of those. I was thinking when I saw the pic of the heap of carton pieces that it looked like a heap of trash, yet with your creativity and help from that little sweetie, it was turned into treasure!! Beautiful!

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