Easy Slouchy Unisex Beanie

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Slouchy Beanie

I have to admit, I’ve knit this hat countless times, but I don’t have one for myself. Without fail, every time I finish one, a friend or family member will try it on and I exclaim how good it looks on them and gift it. This is my most recent version. I wore it exactly once before it was stolen off my head and immediately given away. They’re just so easy to make, I’m always telling myself I’ll make a new one to keep!

What you Need:

Slouchy Beanie Pattern at ThinkCrafts.com

Here’s the Pattern:

  1. Cast On enough stitches to fit the circumference of someone’s head from their hairline to the nape of their neck (for me, that was 120 on size 8 needles, 100 on size 10 needles and 80 on size 13 needles) just make sure you have an even number of stitches. Spread the stitches evenly among your DPNs. (After looking over a few of the comments and other knitting patterns, I’m thinking that I knit more tightly than other people. Give 96 Stitches a try on size 8 needles if your hat appears to be too big. Your best bet is to measure ahead of time and cast on your stitches until the row, slightly stretched, is that measurement.)
  2. Connect in the round.
  3. Knit in a rib stitch for the first 2-3 inches of your project
  4. This next step is where the “slouchiness” of your beanie gets started:
  5. K4 M1 and repeat until you get to the end of your row.
  6. Continue knitting in a stockinette stitch for the next 4-6 inches depending on how slouchy you want the hat to be and how much yarn you have.

Crown Shaping:

Once you reach the appropriate amount of “slouchiness” start decreasing.

  1. K3 K2tog and repeat to the end of your row.
  2. Knit all stitches the next row
  3. K2 K2tog and repeat until the end of your row
  4. Knit all stitches the next row
  5. Repeat the last 4 steps until you have 27 stitches (or around that much if you didn’t use the cast on amounts above)
  6. Cut your yarn so that you have a good length at the end and string it onto a yarn needle.
  7. One by one, string the yarn through the loops left on your knitting needles while removing them from the knitting needles.
  8. Once you have all of your loops strung through, flip your hat inside out and pull the string tight. This should close your hat up.
  9. Weave in your ends and wear your new hat!

Slouchy Knit Beanie

This written version of the pattern has not been tested, and I’ve made this hat so many times that I don’t really count stitches and rows anymore, I just go until it looks right. Let me know if I need to make any changes to stitch counting or if something is confusing.

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About Joselyn

I'm Joselyn, the Marketing Manager for CreateForLess. Though knitting is my true crafty love, I've been experimenting with all kinds of products and techniques for as long as I can remember. I also love my dog Kirby, baking, going to the beach, and creating all kinds of ice cream flavors. I'm a Portland native who loves the rainy Northwest weather that gives me an excuse to stay inside with my coffee, a bunch of movies, and my knitting.

51 thoughts on “Easy Slouchy Unisex Beanie

  1. amalia c.

    Hi. I have been knitting for years, but I never made a hat. My mom told me i should challenge myself and try something new, so I decided to make a beanie. After searching on pinterest, I finally found this pattern, and decided to try it. After some struggle (as this was my first time making a hat and working with DPNs), I finally finished it and I love it! Thank you so much!

  2. joselyn Post author

    Amazing! It’s so great to hear that you were able to follow the tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Kari

    I just finished making this beanie but I had a bit of trouble. I only have 15pt DPNs so I had to take it out a few times trying to figure out how many stitches I needed. In the end, I stuck with 44 to start out with and it still turned out pretty big. :-/ I’ll have to try it again sometime when I can get smaller needles. But it looks lovely the way you pictured it!

  4. joselyn Post author

    Hm. Gauge is going to make or break the circumference of the hat. I would measure out the gauge of the ribbed section of the hat you just finished and see across 4 inches of stitching, the average stitches per inch you are creating. Then, you can measure the circumference of your head and figure out how many stitches you need.

  5. Amanda

    What a lovely pattern! I need to knit a hat for my 9 year old nephew. What would the cast on be for a child on size 8 dpns? I like how slouchy this hat is and I already have the perfect yarn for this project!


  6. Nicole

    Does this work on circular needles as well? I am quite new to knitting in the round and have only learned on circular needles.

  7. joselyn Post author

    This will work just fine on circular needles. (I think 16 inch would work). Once you get to the crown shaping, you will have to switch over to Double Pointed needles because circular needles are very hard to work once the opening gets small. You can end up with an uneven gauge and big gaps between stitches, I know from experience. Don’t be intimidated by Double Pointed Needles! It’s just a combination of straight stitching and knitting in the round!

  8. Sarah

    I’m unsure what you mean by row; do you mean a full 100 stitches or just a row of 25 stitches? Like when it says K4 M1 is that all 100 stitches like that?

  9. Dani

    I chose this as my first/test project on dpn’s & I think I failed! The hat is HUUUUGE. I cast on 120 stitches on size 8 needles but for some reason it just didn’t work – maybe because I tried to do a 2×2 rib instead. I’m going to try again with a 1×1 rib and softer yarn. & maybe more attention paid to my knitting & less to Netflix, haha.

  10. joselyn Post author

    A few things could be causing this. I use a Worsted weight yarn when I make this hat. It’s meant for smaller needles, so the overall size is a lot smaller. You could also have a larger gauge than me. I’ll see if I can find the hat and give a gauge measurement. I don’t think a 2×2 rib should make too much of a difference. I would try maybe using a thinner yarn first.

  11. Janet Boitos

    Hi there,

    I never knitted a hat leaving 27 stitches on needles before closing up. That seems like a lot. What does the top look like?

    Please let me know,

    Janet boitos

  12. joselyn Post author

    I can see the issue with this, but the worsted weight yarn makes the hole a lot smaller. Feel free to continue the crown shaping pattern until you’re down to less stitches, I’ve just kind of had a problem with the hat looking a little pointy at the end if I decrease too far. This pattern is very open to interpretation, so experiment a little until you get the shape you’re looking for.

  13. joselyn Post author

    You can use a circular needle if you like, but crown shaping gets difficult and uneven without double pointed needles.

  14. Christine

    Do you know approximately how much yardage you need for this project? I am about halfway through and it is coming along very nicely.

  15. Emily

    I used size 9 needles and cast on 110 stitches. I did a 2×2 rib stitch for the first part of the hat. I’m not sure if any of these variables are the problem, but my hat ended up huuuge haha. It kind of looks like a shower cap. The bottom part (the part that hugs your forehead) is super loose and I would like to think I have a fairly normal-sized head. 🙂 Just a warning to anyone else who uses this pattern.

  16. Emily

    Forgot to add: I used worsted weight yarn. I think it might be the 2×2 rib stitch that makes it too loose.

  17. Steve

    I just made this hat and weighed it. It took 2.3 ounces of worsted weight 100% shetland wool yarn. I cast on 90 stitches using US size 7 DPNs, knit 2 inches in ribbing and then 6 inches in stockinette before shaping the crown. This turned out perfectly for an adult size head. I’m knitting and donating these to a non profit which helps youth between the ages of 13 – 21 years old. Thank you for the free pattern!

  18. Jackie

    @Leah Moses: I find this web site to have some of the best knitting tutorials out there. http://knitfreedom.com/knitting-videos Her instructions on knitting in the round are quite helpful. She doesn’t use DPNs so the videos are for magic loop. I used this pattern but knitted on circular needles using the magic loop and the hat turned out great!

  19. Karen

    Hi everyone,
    I have made lots of hats, and even with yarn that is thinner than worsted I have never used 120 stitches as the hat would be too large. I have a big head as well, and I don’t knit extra loose. Ribbing stretches a lot.

  20. Han N

    For some reasons, I kept smilling when I was reading your abstract. (:
    Thanks for sharing this pattern!

  21. Natalia

    The only thing that may be confusing for people who aren’t used to working with circular needles is the stockinette stitch because the rows do not alternate k and p, it’s just k all the way. Thank you!

  22. Ashley

    I am wanting to try and make a hat using two blasts of wool at once. I have a scarf pattern that uses two and want the small look for my hat. Do you think I would be able to do that with this pattern?

  23. Joselyn Post author

    Hi Ashley,

    This hat should be easy enough to make using 2 skeins of yarn. You’ll just want to adjust your needle size and the number of cast on stitches to make sure it fits right. Use whatever needle you used with your scarf. I’m assuming you’re using pretty big needles, so try an 80 stitch cast on and see how big that makes it.

  24. Linda Davis

    I’m about 1/2 done with my first go at this one. I knit fairly loose and used worsted on a #6 circular (16″). I’m almost ready for switching to dbl pt. It seems a bit biggish, but I will adjust when I make more. I haven’t knit a thing in over 10 yrs. I found my old boxes of yarn and projects while digging in my storage cupboard. I plan to make as many as I can for next fall’s coat give away at my church and some for our local VA clinic. I can’t find my old (from the 1960s) 2 needle mitten pattern. Do you happen to have one? I used to make a pr in 2 days while in college. I thought they’d be good for giving to the cost drive, too.

  25. Joselyn Post author

    Hello, the needle size is US, but please note that a lot of people have been saying that a smaller needle size works better.

  26. Rachel

    I’m almost done with this hat. I have never made a hat or used DPNs. I used two different colors with this hat, which is why I think made this hat extremely large. Hopefully it’s not to big, made this for one of the students I work with as a late Christmas gift. The pattern was easy to follow. Thank you for sharing the pattern

  27. LanieB

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated!
    Just finished this slouchy beanie, such a quick knit in 10ply/worsted Moda Vera”Hue”yarn in autum mix (Spotlight Australia). I cast on 84 stitches on 5mm circulars,worked for about 5cm(2in) changed to 6mm circulars, worked a further 15cm (6in), began crown shaping down to about 31sts before tying off. I added a cute pom pom to hide the finished circle, however still liked it without. Used about 125 meters inc pom pom. Love it!

  28. Linda King

    Lanie,when you say you worked a further 6” did you mean in ribbing pattern or just all knit?
    Did you do the band of the cap in
    K2 P2?
    You didn’t do an increase row either. I am new to this hat knitting but would like to try this one.

  29. J

    Thank you for the nice basic beanie pattern! It really helped me when I was just looking for a basic guide to wrap my head around slouchie beanies. My gauge was also quite different for whatever it’s worth even tho i used sz 7s. But this simple, flexible pattern allows for tweaking without even having to worry about gauge (my advice is to measure your own sts per inch on another project or swatch you knit in ribbing with the same sz needles, measure your head, do the math, allow for stretch, and voila!)

    However, I ended up shaping the crown a bit differently. Obviously there’s nothing at all wrong with the original, but in case anyone’s interested in a variation: i started decreases with (having 130 sts on the body of hat that is, i CO 104 sts) K8 K2tog and repeat to end of first round, K all the way through 2nd round, K7 K2tog and rep to end of 3rd round, and continued this way progressively decreasing every other round until I got to K2tog all around (except that I just K1 twice, once on each side, to avoid ending with an odd number of sts after the last round, so 14 instead of 13), then closed it with a basic kitchener stitch. The finished result appears to yield the same basic shape (i just personally favored the super tidy look of having all my decreases evenly lined up with less bunching and i also just have a fetish for seamless grafted closures).


  30. Arline

    I want to try knitting a hat for a circumference of 20 inches. How many stitches do I cast on? It will be my first attempt in knitting.

  31. Sybil Brynzan

    I tried knitting this hat and found it doesn’t look like the picture. I used a Sirdar Snuggly so my yarn wasn’t bulky. I think I needed to add quite a few rows after the ribbing before I increased the number of stitches for the slouchy section.

  32. G Perez

    I finished mine! Used size 10 needles and medium Red Heart yarns starting with 100 starting stitches. Yeah – way too big, but it’s okay, I sewed it in a bit. Thank you!

  33. Robin A.

    This pattern looks amazing, but I am not good at DPN’s…I had an epic fail, so I was wondering if circular needles would be ok. I am making hats for charity and this will be perfect.

  34. M

    Hi. Fyi the link for “M1” is broken now.

    Is it an increase 1 by
    Yarn fwd, knit one???
    (I hope. 🙂 )

  35. M

    Or – it could be “knit in front then in back of a stitch” too… ?
    (If “yarn fwd and knit” is an increase 1 instead of M1???

  36. Mrs DM Miller

    What kind of cast on did you use? I was thinking the German Twist, for the stretchiness but, I thought I would ask while I’m still getting ready (aka – finishing my other project!). lol

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