Fairy Door

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

Create a little door for your fairy garden at ThinkCrafts.com

We love our Fairies! My daughter and I make things all the time for our fairy garden. This year we made doors for all of the trees. This is a cute project that you can customize by adding color or making more woodsy by gluing twigs and leaves to it. I am sharing just the basic door construct, the sky is the limit.




To start this project select 5 craft sticks and place them beside each other.  Then lay one across the top and one across the bottom.




Mark on those craft sticks where the edges are and using a craft knife carefully trim off the excess.

Glue Pieces

Using the E6000 glue, place a layer of glue on the back cross bar at the top and stick in place, do the same with the bottom cross bar. Let that dry, overnight in a well ventilated area.

Mark Craft Stick


Glue Fairy Door

Then measure for the diagonal bar, mark and trim with the craft knife. Again, place the glue on the back and stick in place. Add the bead for the door knob as well. Let dry.


I used the E6000 glue because it seemed to hold up the best went the doors were placed outside in the weather. I used a glue gun for one of them and after a couple rains and winds, the glue came apart. The school glue and craft glue had the same results.


Once the basic door is constructed it can be painted or stained as well as adorned in a hundred and one ways, but my daughter wanted hers plain. Go Figure.


Enjoy making doors for all your trees this summer! 

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One thought on “Fairy Door

  1. Mary

    Just saw these cute doors and had to step over to the worktable and make a few. How fun! Thanks much!!

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