May Day Baskets

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

May Day Baskets

On the first day of May fill these cute little paper cones with homemade treats, flowers and candy. Leave them on the doorknobs of neighbors anonymously to brighten their day and celebrate the coming of summer. This is a great way to let children give to the adults in your community.

May Day Craft


Draw an Arch On Your Paper

Cut Arch

Start by drawing an arch from one corner to another across the sheet of paper and cut.


Fold Corner

Roll Cone

Then, fold the point over and roll the paper into a cone.

Glue Edge

Let Dry

Glue the edge and let dry. I used a clothes pin to hold it in place while it dries.

Dry Basket

Trim Even

Once dry, trim the top even.

Punch Holes

Trim Even


Take a hole punch and make 2 holes, one on either side to run a string through. Tie the ends of the string together  to make the handle.

May Day Baskets at

Fill the cone with candy, treats or fresh cut flowers and hang on the door knob. Surprise the people in your neighborhood with a little good will.

May Day Baskets at

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2 thoughts on “May Day Baskets

  1. Carol

    We were taught to make these in art class in school back in the ’50’s. I made one for my neighbor, but did one bad thing – I picked HER flowers to put into the Msy Day basket instead of taking from my mother’s garden. I was marched over to the neighbor’s house to apologize. Luckily, all was forgiven!

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