DIY J. Crew Inspired Necklace

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By Guest Blogger Beth from the blog Owlswakeup.

Beth shares DIY fashion and crafts that will be sure to amaze when you tell anyone you made them. Check out her Etsy Shop for beautiful and high quality handmade accessories.

DIY your own high fashion statement necklace.

This past summer, J.Crew had an explosion of exciting necklaces. The colours vibrant, the prices intimidating for a poor publishing professional like myself. I took this challenge to the streets of Toronto.

I hit pay dirt at Chaton Beads at Queen and Bathurst. They had the exact beads from the J.Crew necklace. Same size, shape, detailing… Would have preferred them in blue but I can’t complain 😀

Finding appropriate beads is by far the most challenging part of this DIY. As long as they are a similar tubular shape and length, you’re golden. Otherwise the design might not form the way it should. Just be aware you’re using lightweight beads because this necklace is heavy. I wore it to work once and whenever I bent over and then straightened up, I got smacked in the chest and temporarily winded. All in the name of fashion!

J. Crew original necklace The original necklace. Photo from J.Crew’s website


What You Need:

BEADS (55 total, 1.8×1 cm), thick chain (like I said, this necklace is heavy!), eye pins, 1 head pin, 0.7mm jump rings (small ones just won’t support all of your beads), clasp, pliers, round-nosed pliers and wire cutters.

JC 3 what you need

String your first bead onto an eye pin. Using your pliers, bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.

JC 4 pliers bend

Using your wire cutters, clip the wire so you are left with just under 1 cm.

JC 5 wire cutters

Using your round-nosed pliers, carefully bend the wire into a loop.

JC 6 needle 1

JC 7 needle 2

Do this for all of your beads. (One bead goes onto the headpin instead. More about that later!) Using the image of the finished necklace as your guide, start placing the beads in the pattern.

JC 8 assemble 1

To connect them with jump rings, use your pliers to open and close the ring.

JC 9 pliers jump

I found it easiest to connect them as I went to avoid the beads going all over the place. I also found it useful to use the pliers to hold and guide the jump rings through each of the loops. Keeping your fingers out of the way allows the beads to remain unjumbled. Take your time. 🙂

JC 10 assemble 2

JC 11 assemble 3

Keep going until you have formed the pattern, connecting the beads with the jump rings.

JC 12 almost done

The very bottom bead is the one you are going to string onto the headpin instead of an eye pin as it does not need to be connected to the rest.

JC 13 headpin

You’re almost done! Now cut the length of chain you want. I cut two pieces of chain at 11 cm (4.5 inches) long each. Use more jump rings to connect both your clasp and your beads to your chain.

JC 14 chain

Wear it!

DIY J. Crew Inspired Necklace at

The best part? This necklace retailed for $100 CDN. My supplies cost under $10. WOO!

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4 thoughts on “DIY J. Crew Inspired Necklace

  1. Olga Torres

    beautiful, I made one of these using resin beads, light weight and colorful, sole it to the first person that laid eyes on it.

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  3. Dannie

    Love the necklace I like your version way better than the J. Crew version! Im on the hunt for these exact same beads i love this shade of green! Where did you get them??

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