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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

Tug a Toy at ThinkCrafts.com

tug-a-toy at ThinkCrafts.com


April is National Pet Month and Earth Day. In Celebration of both, today I’m sharing a recycled craft that will make your pup happy. I have a house of three dogs, they all love a rousing game of tug-a-rope. When they play with us, it stays civil and the toy survives. But, when they play with each other, the toys get destroyed. If you had to replace as many as I have, any alternative would work. Here is a chance to use up old t-shirts and make 2 or 3 toys per shirt! Saving money, recycling old clothes, and making (wo)man’s best friend happy all in one craft!

tug-a-toy materials


Cut Strips

First, start by cutting 1″ strips from the bottom of the shirt. Once you have cut one, it should still be a ring or loop, leave it like that.

Lay side by side

Lay them side by side and make them even. Tie a knot with all of them about 2″ down.

2 per group braid

Next, separate the strands for braiding. I used 2 loops in a group, so it looks like 4 strips of fabric make one section. To braid, you need 3 sections. Take the right section and cross over the middle, then take the left side and cross over the middle. Continue this until 3″ from the bottom.  Tie a knot securing the braid and leave about 2″ at the end.

tugatoy-5tug-a-toy at ThinkCrafts.com

A simple project for kids to learn and make toys for their pets! Don’t forget National Kids and Pets Day is April 26!

tug-a-toy at ThinkCrafts.com

tug-a-toy at ThinkCrafts.com



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