Fairy Lights with the New Therm-O-Web Glitter Dust!

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

Recycled Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com

I love spring and summer, but miss the holiday lights. This string of lights brings the twinkle that I love into the warmer weather. Made from recycled egg cartons, this project is easy and a great way to show kids how to reuse and renew. I added some glitter spray to help them sparkle and I think that this new product really make this string of lights pretty. I call these Fairy lights because sparkly flower lights just scream “Fairy”!!!

Glittery Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com

Recycled Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com



Egg Carton

Start by cutting the egg cups apart. Then round the tips so there are 4 petals. If you are using a cardboard egg carton, you can peel apart the layers of the cardboard to make more petals.

spray paint

Once they are all cut, take them outside and apply a layer of pink spray paint. Let dry. Apply another coat if necessary. Then coat the inside with a spray of the Glitter Dust in Pink.

Fairy Light at ThinkCrafts.com

Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com

Poke a hole in the bottom of each cup and insert the light. Plug in the string and enjoy the wonderful twinkle of the sparkly fairy lights. 

Therm O Web Glitter Dust

The Therm-O-Web Glitter Dust is a great product. The can is easy to use and sprays an ultra fine dust of glitter.  I love the coverage one coat of the spray gives. The glitter sparkles really well and adds a nice touch to projects. The pink glitter stays true to its color even with a light coat. The more coats you spray on, the deeper the color gets. This product makes adding glitter to your crafts simple and fast, no extra glue, no spilling jars of glitter on the floor.

I am not a neat crafter. I am a mess. When I spray paint it goes everywhere, so I paint outside. I would also recommend that the Glitter Dust also be used in an area that doesn’t matter if there is a fine dust of glitter on it. I went outside to spray these and my grass has a fine dust of sparkle on it as well has my spray hand. My hand has a pink shimmer in the light even after a good scrub. So, use care when using this product, follow the directions and cover your work space. 

Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com

Overall this is a fantastic product for crafts of all kinds from paper, wood, and even fabric crafts. The possibilities are endless. Think of anything that needs a little sparkle – ready, aim and spray – instant sparkle – instant smiles!

Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com

I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who loves to add sparkle to their crafts and life!

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Lights with the New Therm-O-Web Glitter Dust!

  1. Carol Bauman

    Very Creative. I am going to send this Your website to my Niece. I might try this project myself.

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