Hollow String Eggs

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By General Crafts Contributor Erin from the blog Lovesome.

With Easter a coming up I have been wanting something cute and festive to liven up my spring decorations. I don’t usually go all out for Easter, but I do like one or two little things throughout my house to add a little fun. A few days ago I remembered a craft I did in elementary school and thought it would translate into Easter (and spring!) décor beautifully.

Hollow String Eggs at ThinkCrafts.com

This project is a little bit messy, but the end results are really fun, and the best part is you can customize it however you like. Kids would have fun with this, too!


What you need:

What to Do:

1. Blow up your balloons with air (not water!). I used my mouth, but your cheeks will thank you for using a balloon pump :). If you don’t have one, no problem, your mouth will do just fine.

2.   Mix equal parts Mod Podge and water into a disposable container (I just used an old plastic bowl. It did wash out fine, but you might want to make sure you don’t use anything too precious in case it doesn’t wash as easily.). Stir until mixed well.

modpodge mix

3. Carefully coil the string into the Mod Podge mixture. This keeps the string from getting knotted.

I used embroidery floss and found that one small skein covered one balloon. I also made a few using yarn and found that 3-4 yards was plenty. It all depends on your taste though and how covered you want your eggs to be.

4. Let the string soak for a minute or two, then grab one end and start wrapping the string around the balloon. I did this over wax paper so clean-up would be easy. If the string gets too goopy just run your fingers along it before wrapping it around the balloon. Make sure to criss-cross the strings at least a few times so they stick to each other and form the egg shape when dry.

wet egg

5. Once the balloon is covered how you like, let it sit until dry. I let mine dry overnight and they were nice and hard in the morning.

I tried a few methods for drying the eggs, one was to let them sit on the wax paper, rotating a few times as the Mod Podge mixture dripped off and formed puddles around the balloon. The other was to set them on top of a little jar and let the mixture drip inside. Both worked fine, you have to rotate the egg using both methods, and letting it sit on the wax paper actually had less clean-up, so I would probably do that again.

Hollow String Eggs at ThinkCrafts.com

6.When the string is all dry, pop the balloon and pull it out, leaving the egg hollow.

Hollow String Eggs at ThinkCrafts.com

7. That’s it! Now you have some pretty eggs to liven up your décor, or serve as sweet place cards for Easter brunch.

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My name is Erin Lund and I share ideas and inspiration over at Lovesome (link: www.feelinglovesome.blogspot.com). I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband and toddler-son, and have grown to love the rain, it gives me extra time inside for crafting and creating! As a preschool-teacher-turned-mother I love coming up with kid-friendly crafts, as well as pretty little projects for myself that make life a little more fun.

8 thoughts on “Hollow String Eggs

  1. Delama

    I like this project and I’m going to give it a try. Cross your finger and toes that I can make them. LOL
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Juanita

    I love these and will be making some later this week I want to put them on my Arbor lights, I will be making them a little rounder. Thanks

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