Watercolor and Glitter Painting

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Hi everyone! I’m Tiffany from offbeatandinspired.com and I’m so excited to be posting on the ThinkCrafts blog today! I’ve always been a fashion fanatic and I remember getting in trouble for sketching during class numerous times throughout my childhood. I would draw a bunch of stick figures, then give them bodies, then give them clothes, and by the time I was satisfied, the bell was ringing and I had missed an entire class. I guess those scoldings were deserved, but I took away one thing from that experience — I love fashion illustration.


Watercolor Glitter Painting


Now I’m married and living in Kentucky, keeping house and working in graphic design. In my free time, I blog and I sketch. Being the fashion nut that I am, I’ve been loving all the runway shows these past few weeks. All the colors, textures and silhouettes are OH so inspiring, and my method of coping with not being a filthy rich celebrity who can actually WEAR those masterpieces, is to illustrate them. I’ll walk you through exactly how I do this using watercolor pencils with the images below, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to do a little fashion illustrating of your own!


Martha Stewart Glitter




First, I set up my station with a few paper towels, a glass of water (for cleaning brushes) and my watercolor pad. Watercolor pencils are much cleaner and easier to control than watercolor cakes, so I’ll be using them for this demonstration. If there’s a specific garment or look you want to create, have a photo nearby so you can reference it…


1. Draw a stick figure model lightly with pencil. Pay attention to the proportions of the body, as this figure will be the guide for the rest of the piece. If you have trouble with proportions, it helps to look at a photograph of a runway model during this step.




2. Draw your garment onto the figure, then add body parts wherever they would be visible. I added arms, neck and head. Then you’re going to start lightly coloring and shading with your watercolor pencils. Remember to keep it light because once you wet a brush and start painting, the colors will intensify.


Watercolor Pencils


3. Dip a brush in water and paint over the watercolor pencils. Dry the brush as needed to keep the bleeding under control. If you want to prevent colors from bleeding together, wait for the first one to dry before painting over the next.


Paint Over


4. Once you’ve colored in your entire garment and model, let it dry completely. I love to add other elements like glitter and sequins to finish up a pretty gown. To do this, I brush on some Mod Podge in the areas I want the glitter to stick.


Add Glue


5. Sprinkle the area with glitter.


Sprinkle Glitter


6. Let the glitter and glue sit for a few seconds and then pat it down lightly with your finger.


Spread Glitter


7. Let the glue dry fully and then funnel the excess glitter onto a paper plate and then back into the container so it doesn’t go to waste. For this dress, I wanted to use 2 types of glitter, so I brushed on more Mod Podge and used a finer glitter to contrast the leaf glitter.


Let Dry


8. As you can see in the above image, I added some dark edging with a marker to enhance some areas. You can skip this step if you prefer, but I personally like the finished look.


Watercolor Glitter Gown by Guest Blogger Tiffany at


So that’s it! Using embellishments really helps to add more texture and dimension to the clothing, and the watercolor pencils make it so easy to brighten up your sketches! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and you can purchase all the products I used here at createforless.com! Happy sketching!!


Watercolor Glitter Painting by Guest Blogger Tiffany at ThinkCrafts.com
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  1. Audri

    I have been looking for this FOREVER! Thank you for this! I know it’s old, but it seriously was something I’ve been looking to figure out how to do!

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