Watercolor Treat Bags

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By Guest Blogger Erin from the blog Feeling Lovesome

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Watercolor Treat Bags at ThinkCrafts.com

A few days ago I found myself needing some cute little bags to put some goodies in. Not wanting to run to the store, I turned to my little stash of muslin bags. They are the perfect size for holding cookies and candy, (or even a little gift) but are a little plain. I decided to see how watercolors would hold up on the muslin, and ended up loving the results!


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First, I cut my heart out of painters tape (not necessary if you want to freehand a design). This is helpful not only as a stencil, but it also keeps the paint from bleeding. I layered a few strips to create a larger surface, then folded the tape in half (sticky side out!) to cut my shape.


Next, I cut a piece of cardboard from an old cereal box to slide into the bag and keep the paint from bleeding though. Any type of cardboard or heavy paper should work just fine for this.


Then, I adhered my tape-stencil to the bag (making sure the edges where paint would touch were stuck down nice and tight) and started painting. I found that the more water I used, the easier the color spread, but the longer it took to soak into the material. For more concentrated color use less water and more pigment; for a softer look use more water and less pigment.


I saved the heart I cut from the tape and used it on a second bag, painting the face of the bag with a soft ombre effect. To do this, use darker, more concentrated colors at the bottom, and gradually work up to lighter colors and very little pigment. I found that if the paint was too dark in certain areas, blotting lightly with a paper towel allowed me to remove enough paint to keep the effect going.   Kind of fun, right?

Heart Treat Bag at ThinkCrafts.com

Make sure to allow enough time for the paint to dry, it takes an hour or so for the water to soak into the muslin. Enjoy!

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