Heart Card Favor

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By Crafts for Learning Contributor, Danielle from the blog Crayonbox Learning.

Heart Card Favor at ThinkCrafts.com

Materials Needed

Read the Directions after the Jump…


This project involves 2 parts; a pencil topper and a folding heart card.


  1. Print card template onto colorful cardstock.
  2. Cut out card, making sure that you don’t cut the top of the card where the fold is.
  3. Place the card flat on your work space with the flap on top. Make 2 small slits (for the pencil/pen) on the bottom portion of the card.  The idea is that you want the card to open to show the pencil/pen.
  4. Use crayons, stickers, or glitter to decorate the front of the card. (Be sure to let any glue dry completely).
  5. Set card aside for part 2.

Pencil Topper


  1. Select a  pipe cleaner to use for the pencil topper.
  2. As shown in the picture, slightly crimp/bend the pipe cleaner in the middle to form the top of a heart.
  3. Twist the pipe cleaner to complete the heart.
  4. Place the pencil at the base of the heart.
  5. Use the remaining pipe cleaner piece and wind around the end of the pencil.

Heart Card Favor at ThinkCrafts.com

After the pencil topper is finished,  carefully slide the pencil/pen into the slits cut into the card.  Now the card is ready for giving away.  Perfect for Valentine’s treats!

© Danielle Westvang – Crayonbox Learning All rights reserved.

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