Crystal Chain Link Necklace

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Celebrity Craft Professional Mark Montano’s latest book the Big-Ass Book of Bling is full of enough projects to cover you in bling from head to toe! Learn how easy it is to turn some wire and beads into a luxe necklace! Visit our friend Mark Montano’s website for even more crafty and DIY bling ideas!






Mark Montano's Crystal Chain Link Necklace at

This project is perhaps the most conservative piece in this entire book.  It’s something you could give to your mom on Mother’s Day or even your grandmother.  In fact, when I’m done writing this, I think I’ll send them each one.  Trust me on this, it’s a lot easier to make than it looks!


Read How to Make it After the Jump…


Wire Wrapping

Wrap your wire around your fat Sharpie marker to make something that looks like a spring.

Cut wire

Slip it off of the marker and with your wire cutters, cut across the spring at the same point to create your large links.  Basically these are really big jump rings, which you can use for other projects, too.

Slip Beads

Slip a crystal bead on a link and close.  If the bead doesn’t slip entirely on the ring, tuck the other end of the link into the hole in the bead and it will stay.


Add Beads

Keep adding crystal links to form your chain until you’ve reached your desired length.

Lobster Claw

Add 4-5 links without crystals at each end and then add your lobster claw.

Mark Montano's Crystal Chain Link Necklace at

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