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Electronic Girl Gifts provides a wide variety of fun, creative and unique gifts for everyone on your list. Choose from jewelry, t-shirts, or glowing lights to awe your friends and family.

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I am a very different kind of artist. I have a very large artistic background in a wide variety of mediums. I started out as an oil painter, then figure drawing, then 2D animation, then 3D animation and ending with my MFA in electronic art.

I am originally from the Chicagoland area. (rock on, da Bears!) During my BFA & MFA pursues, I also worked part time at a fabric store. And did some amazing prom/wedding dresses in my younger days.

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Since then, I have chased and accomplished my childhood dreams. Now, I am looking to accomplish another dream with this shop!

The ElectronicGirl stop came into existence from a gift I made for a former boyfriend back in the day. Every thing else has spun off from that prototype. And my products keep evolving and changing as time goes on.

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I love making my pieces. I am very into details and each piece that leaves the shop must be perfect. I want my customers to feel like they are receiving a special gift when they open their packages.

My products are also available on Etsy, Zibbet & Goodsmiths.

Click on the picture of any of the products to make it yours!

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