Mitten Clothespin Display

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By Crafts for Learning Contributor, Danielle from the blog Crayonbox Learning.

Teachers and parents alike enjoy showcasing their children’s homework or artwork.  This project incorporates the clothespin display with a seasonal theme.

Materials needed:



  1. Use the mitten template provided as a guide to cut out or trim scrapbook paper scraps.  The heavier paper or cardstock would be best. You can embellish the cuffs on the mittens, or add cotton balls to give them a more 3-D look.  For my example, I used white cardstock for the cuffs.
  2. After the mittens are made and the glue is dried, turn them over face down. (If you choose to laminate the mittens for durability you would do that before gluing the clothespin on the back) Using E6000 glue, add a clothespin to the back of each mitten.  Make sure that the clothespins are glued at the same place so that they match up when hung. Set aside and wait for the glue to completely dry.
  3. Once the mittens are completely dry, you can begin hanging them.  The purpose of the clothespin on the back is to make it easier to hang them in places where there is limited space to hang. In my example,  I clipped the clothespins onto my bulletin board.  It’s easy to change out seasonally, and it is a cute way to display classroom work.
  4. Tie a piece of twine onto the clip on the back of each mitten. A little tension in the twine helps keep the line from sagging from the weight of the clips.

After the mittens are securely hung on the wall or bulletin board, the display is ready for items to be hung on the twine.



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