Reindeer Gift Card Clip

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

The clothespin reindeer has been around for a while, but by adding a clip to the back along with a string, now it’s a gift card holder ornament. Gift cards are so popular these days and they make the perfect last minute gift. With these little handmade reindeer, it makes the gift more personal. Use the clips to hold the gift and decorate the tree.


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Start by painting the spring clip dark brown, along with the bottom of the no-roll clothespin. When that is dry, paint the “antlers” a creamy tan as well as the sticks. The sticks will make the antler rack bigger.

Once the base paints are dry, use an eraser to make a perfect circle for the two eyes in white and the nose in red or black. Then use the head of a pin to make the pupils of the eyes in black. Let dry.

Attach the sticks to the antler part with the hot glue. Then attach the string to the back of the reindeer head, before attaching the spring clip. Once the glue has cooled clip the gift card and hang on the tree.

So cute!

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