Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Friday!! Christmas is looming closer, so take a break from all of your stressful shopping, baking, wrapping, and anything else you have to worry about, and win something for yourself!! We have a mini glue gun to give away with more types of hot glue than you can imagine.

Think about all of the projects you can do with glow in the dark glue, glitter glue, or even foam glue. There are three different kinds of glitter: metallic, colorful, and white.  And it’s all free!!

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week:  What is the best handmade gift you’ve received?

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”.

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31 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Paula. Combest Jezich

    Received a beautiful handpainted ornament. I treasure handmade items over store bought items. The person making them took time out from their busy life to make a gift for you.

  2. Patti Blanding

    homemade pot holders, kitchen towels, dish towels, and the towels to dry hands on the stove, along with homemade Christmas ornaments for the tree, hand made with alot of love!

  3. Patti Breiner

    My Aunt makes the best blankets…crocheted, patchwork materials, knitted…I have 7. They are the best!

  4. Rebecca Wagner

    Would you believe I have only ever had one homemade gift given to me? I am the only crafty person I know, that’s why I can’t get any of my friends to like my blog. lol

    But I did have one friend make me a small Yoda fleece blanket one year. It is so warm and adorable!

  5. Julie Whittemore

    It would have to be the handmade gifts from the children.
    I have hand painted pictures in frames, clay coffee mugs and vases that have survived though the years.
    Nothing better than a gift from a child.

  6. Elizabeth Bowers

    When I was an infant my Grandmother knitted my a sweater, hat, booties and baby blanket. They are beautiful! I still have them and used them when my daughter was a baby. I will always treasure them!

  7. Jocelyne

    From a child: a poster for my fridge from granddaughters.
    From an adult, a scrapbooked clipboard about my dog and his pic.

  8. Jocelyne

    From a child, a poster for my fridge from granddaughters.
    From an adult, a scrapbooked clipboard about my dog and his pic.

  9. Marie McConnell-Alkire

    My daughters gifts that she made in school. Now hopefully it will be from my grandchildren when they start school!!!

  10. carrie

    man, that kind of stuff makes me cry! my grandparents used to make everything they gave us for christmas. i have gotten many dresses, piggy banks, pictures and frames, and a huge hope chest. i’m not joking, they made everything. one year,my parents gave us chocolate chip cookies, deer jerkey and bookshelves that they made. we thought it was great! i didn’t realize it was because they couldn’t afford to buy presents until i grew up. but that was a great year! we never got our own bag of cookies!

  11. Sar Tann

    A Christmas tree made from pine cones, nuts, little gold musical ornaments and flowers. It is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received. 🙂

  12. Mary McDermott

    My mother knitted barbie clothes over 40 years ago for me and I still have them. It was a bathing suit, several dresses and a matching coat.

  13. Amber S

    My mom has made quilts for us throughout the years- by hand. The best gift! And I’m happy to be carrying on the tradition.

  14. Shirley Barker

    My husbands step grandma was bed ridden fir years and she made the prettiest ornaments every Christmas. She passed away a few years back and I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses her beautiful ornaments!

  15. Kathy McEnroe

    My sister made me an ornament when she was in first grade. Thas was 30 yrs age. Each year I have to glue the edges back together but I it goes up on the tree.

  16. Denise Parcells

    I’ve only ever really received one thing. Hubby and I challenged each other to make something for Christmas for each other several years back when we were just dating/living together. He got a felt doggy door hanger kit and assembled it (you know, the kits designed for children to do) and it was just so priceless (I still have it displayed in my office) because he doesn’t usually make things and the vulnerability he must have felt just made it the sweetest gift I could have ever received.

  17. Mary Rok

    I have a beautiful white crocheted snowflake afghan that a friend make for me. I use it all year round on my comfy TV chair.

  18. Monica

    My husband’s best friend’s mother sent us a beautiful quilt for our bed. It’s nice and big and heavy, and has bits of Clifford fabric!

  19. Nancy D

    Some of the best gifts were the ones that my kids made me with their own little hands! And now my grand-daughter makes me little pictures that I cherish.

  20. Debbie

    A wire heart from my daughter when she was just a little girl–held together with tape, but made with tons of love!

  21. Carol Douglass

    When my grandson was 5, he made the cutest holiday bookmark, he chose me to give it to as he knew I loved to read. I still have it 10 years later. I just love it.

  22. Jacquie Hart

    The best handmade gift I ever received was an altered bottle that I received for my birthday one year,

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