Candy Cane Puzzles

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By Crafts for Learning Contributor, Danielle from the blog Crayonbox Learning.

Materials Needed:

This activity is a quick and inexpensive item that you can make ahead of time for classroom parties, gift bags, stocking stuffers or for a cute teacher gift.  All of the materials needed can be found at!

The Candy Cane Puzzle template has been left blank to provide you with options.  In my example, I used opposite words.  You can use the Candy Cane Puzzles to match upper and lower case alphabet letters, numbers and number words, homonyms, synonyms, word families, and much more!


  1. Print out the desired number of candy cane puzzle templates.  (The template can be resized to fit smaller on a page using your printer settings.)
  2. Using a non-bleed, permanent ink pen (Sharpie), write the text on the Candy Cane Puzzles. A red pen can be used to color in the candy canes.
  3. Cut out the Candy Cane Puzzles.  Hint:  Cutting out the Candy Cane Puzzles prior to lamination helps create a better seal around the edges.  It helps the lamination film from lifting after the pieces have been cut.
  4. Laminate the Puzzles.
  5. Store in a cute cello bag, with a bag topper for gift giving (optional) or a ziplock bag for classroom use.


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