No-Sew Quilted Pumpkins

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

No-Sew Quilted Pumpkins

This fall decoration uses a technique that has been used to make holiday ornaments. Create quilted pumpkins with no sewing or glue by following these simple instructions.

No-Sew Quilted Pumpkin Supplies


Styrofoam Ball

First take the Styrofoam ball and squash it, pressing the ball flat on the bottom, then flip it over and do it again. This will make a flat bottom so the pumpkin will sit and makes the top look more pumpkin shaped.

No-Sew Quilted Pumpkins

Next, take one of the strips of fabric and fold the corners in to make a point, place it in the center of the top and push it into the foam with the popsicle stick. Then push in on edge, then the other last fold the corners in on the bottom and push that in. Place the next piece of fabric directly across from the first and push into the foam. Continue by placing the next two strips of fabric at the other quarter points of the ball. The fabric should make a cross. Finish the ball by filling in the open spots of foam with the remaining pieces of fabric.

Now that the quilting is done, take a stick and push it into the center of the top along with a piece of craft wire with a coil wrapped into it.

No-Sew Quilted Pumpkins

This is a small craft that can be made quickly and could be used as a place setting for your Thanksgiving meal.

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