Painted Chalkboard Candy Jar

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By General Crafts Contributor Sara, from the blog Clever Pink Pirate.

Painted Chalkboard Candy Jar

One of the best things about the Fall are the candy and treats. Especially candy corn! I created a Pumpkin Candy Jar that could be displayed on Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I found this jar at the dollar store and saw the “squares” and thought they would make a great chalkboard base. Without having to search for a certain color of chalkboard paint, I found the DecoArt Clear Chalkboard Coating. It can turn any surface into a chalkboard surface!

After using it, I know this coating will last me forever because a little goes a long way, and it works great!

To create the Pumpkin Candy Jar you’ll need:

Directions : 

Coat the jar in the orange spray paint, repeat the process twice so there are 2 coats on the jar.

Coat the lid and drawer handle in green spray paint, twice.

After the jar is dried, take the chalkboard coating and coat it on the desired location, horizontally with a foam brush. Allow 1 hour to dry, then spread another coat on it vertically. Allow 24 hours for it to set, then cure it.

To cure: take the side of the chalk and spread it horizontally and vertically across the coated area. Wipe clean.

The jar is ready for chalk writing!

To finish the lid, glue the handle to the top of the lid, so it looks like a pumpkin.

**Tip, be sure to cover the top while spray painting so spray paint does not get in the jar where food/candy will be held.
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