Candy Corn Box

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By Paper Crafts Contributor, Lauren Romano.

 Candy Corn Box

Candy corn is one of the best things about fall. Not only is it delicious, it’s also super-easy to decorate with. Creating a candy corn box is a great way to make a cute, functional decoration as well as reuse material that would have ended up in the trash. All you need is a handful of materials and you can make a little box that’s perfect to hold anything from wrapped candy to car keys.


What you need:


  1. Cut an empty box apart so you have approximately three inches in height left to the bottom of the box.


  1. When you’re adhering the candy corn, do only one side at a time. Put on a thin layer of Mod Podge, attach the candy corn haphazardly or methodically, then flip the box over onto a vinyl placemat with the candy corn face down so it’ll hold the candy in place while it dries. Let it sit to dry for a couple of hours.


  1. Repeat Step 2 for each side of the box until it’s completely covered in candy corn.


  1. Wrap a ribbon around the box and tie it in a bow at the front of the box.


Optional: While I chose to leave the box in its original state, you can also line the inside of the box with decorative paper.



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