Tips for Creating Subway Art

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

This type of word art is everywhere. It started as copies of subway sign from NYC and Paris with the black background and white letters. Now it has morphed into a decorative type design for homes. When creating your Subway Art here are a couple of pointers to help get you started.

1. Start by only using 1 to 3 different fonts for the whole design. Sometimes mixing too many font faces makes the design confusing and difficult to read. The traditional signs use one font that is San Serif (without serifs or flares on the letters), plain and blocky, like Arial or Helvetica. For Holiday art pick one or two fancier fonts and hold the design together with one plain font.

2. Try and keep all of the words in one row on the same base line. Which means that all the words sit on an invisible line. This keeps the design clean and prevents words from looking like they are floating.

3. Use Full Justification. This aligns the text to both the left and right sides of the page adding space between the words to create a nice clean line on both the left and right side of the design. This might also add space between the letters of a single word to spread it out across the page.

4. This is just my personal spin – but I like all my words to read from left to right. I do not turn words on their side. By keeping the words upright it stays truer to Subway Signs.

Halloween Subway Art

Here is my Halloween Subway Art. If you don’t want to make your own – use this printable. I found fonts that have a Halloween feel to them and work together to create a whole. I stretched some of the words side to side to create the full justification, then I pulled some of the words top to bottom to fill the spaces between the lines. This really fills the page and makes the words as big as possible so the sign can be read across the room.

I printed this one on Bright Orange Cardstock. Afterwards, I picked the words I wanted to stand out and glued black glitter to them.

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