Nature Made Stamps

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

My daughter loves picking up sticks, flowers and leaves. Today we used our found  objects to make ink prints. Here’s how we did it.

Nature Stamp 1


First we folded up pieces of cardboard to make the handle, then glue a piece of craft foam to the handle.


nature stamp 2


The craft foam helps when making the print, it offers a little give to the objects allowing them to give a better imprint. Then, the found objects are glued to the handle.


Nature stamp 3

Nature Stamp 5

Nature stamp 6


The stamp is then inked with the stamp pad and pressed onto the paper.


Nature stamp 7


Some of the items we had offered a handle, so the impressions were made just from them without begin made into stamps. When we stamped them onto the paper we placed the craft foam underneath to make a cushion to get a better print.


Nature stamp 8


Once the prints have dried the possibilities of the uses of the paper is endless. They could be made into cards, framed art, wrapping paper, ect.  Have fun!


Nature Stamp 9

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