Bubble Wand

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

My daughter is in love with bubbles and I really wanted to make some super big ones, so we made this Bubble Wand. The supplies are simple – a  coat hanger, dowel rod and a set of pliers is the only tool you need. This project is done by adults, but the fun is for all ages!


First, using the cutting part of the piles at the inside edge by the hinge, snip the coat hanger at its twist. Then give that end a bend, like a hook. Then work the hanger into a round circle. Once the circle is the size you want, place the hook around the other end of the circle and using the pliers crimp the hook and wrap the hooked end tight around.

Next leave a little length of hanger before attaching the bubble circle to the dowel rod. Attach the bubble circle to the dowel rod by holding it against the rod and using the pliers, wrapping the hanger around the rod several times. When sufficiently attached take the cutting part of the pliers and snip off the remaining hanger. Give a big squeeze of the pliers over the snipped end to press it firmly into the wooden rod.

The handle can be painted or decorated with ribbon but ours didn’t get the chance to be beautified before it was put into use. We used purchased bubble juice, but there are many bubble recipes out there to make super bubble juice at home.

I hope you enjoy this project and the wonderful bubbles it makes.


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One thought on “Bubble Wand

  1. Bettye

    I used to have a wonderful bubble wand made from copper and it was quite fun. I like this one because everything is already at home and can be made quickly. Thanks for the instructions.

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