Doggy Tutu

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By General Crafts Contributor Melissa, from the blog MeloMomma.

I always want my dogs to wear cute little clothes, but they never seem to fit just right and they are always too expensive. So, I decided to go scour the 75% off rack at the local fabric store and I came up with a tutu for under $5.

What you will need:


Measure your dog. Do not measure the waist. You must measure higher up just below the front legs. Measure all the way around the body. Cut the Tulle about 1 inch longer than the dog measures to allow for error.

Stitch the Tulle together. To cover the stitch and add pizzazz, sew ribbon over the top of the Tulle.

Cut two pieces of ribbon. These will attach to the tutu and go around the dogs neck with Velcro. This will keep your tutu from slipping off. Sew the ribbon to the tutu.

Place Velcro on the other end.

Bam! A simple and adorable tutu for your fuzzy little friend!


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