4th of July Shaker

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By Guest Blogger Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Last year my youngest daughter was only a few months old on the 4th of July so we really did not do much celebrating (you know we wanted to sleep as much as we could). This year she is old enough that she would have fun participating in the festivities but well what can a 1 year old do for the 4th? Fireworks are out they can’t do those, even the little popper ones my oldest loves she can’t do because she is more likely to eat them than throw them down to pop.

Then I got to thinking and decided we could make her a July 4th Shaker so she can make her own noise to celebrate our country’s birthday! When I told my oldest about it she was really excited to help make something special for her little sister so we got to work right away.

I know many of you have made music shakers before and well we made one major change in the normal way you make these. I decided instead of taping paper to the ends of the tube we would just tape it. And yes as you can assume some of the rice we used stuck to the tape but not much and it still makes great sounds and was so much easier to do than to cut out more paper fit it on and tape around it. It is up to you how you want to make yours but this is how we did ours and it works great!



Put 3 to 4 pieces of tape on one end of your toilet paper roll (we criss crossed our tape to make sure it covered it).

Put 3 table spoons of rice in your tube.

Tape up the other end of your roll.

Cut out a piece of white construction paper to fit over your roll, and then put glue on your roll and then the paper. Apply more glue and wrap your white construction paper around the roll.

Cut out a piece of blue construction paper to go around the top of your roll, and cut out stripes out of your red construction paper.

Glue on your blue paper and your red stripes.

Now put your sticker stars onto the blue construction paper.

Once all the glue is dry let your little ones shake and have fun with there new July 4th shaker!



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