DIY Dotted Glass Bowl

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By Guest Blogger Typhanie, from the blog Shoebox Decor.

Over the weekend I worked on creating the Kate Spade Hopper Dot Rose Bowl that I love so much. It was a really fun project that the hubby and I did together. Surprisingly he enjoyed himself…I think he just liked the spray painting part. The bowls turned out beautifully and I hope you guys enjoy this project as much as we did. Total cost of project: 2 bowls/vase for $25…Happy Crafting!

Materials Needed…

1. Bowl

2. Frosted glass spray paint

3. 1″ hole punch

4. Lysol- To clean away mistakes

5. Painters Tape

6. Dry erase marker to mark dots

7. Scissors

Step One…Use marker to mark out where you would like your dots.

Step Two…Use the 1″ hole punch to punch a hole in a strip of painters tape.

Step Three…Cut the hole punched strip and place over the dots you have marked out. Repeat until you have covered all the dots you have marked out.

Step Four…After you have covered all the dots you have marked, fill in the extra areas with painters tape.

Step FYI…You can use the left over holes from the hole punch to make a fully frosted bowl.

Step Five…Time to spray paint! Follow the instructions on the spray paint container.

Step Six…Once the paint has dried, peel the tape off and enjoy.


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One thought on “DIY Dotted Glass Bowl

  1. Jusa

    Beautiful!! Love the trick with the paper punched painter’s tape. Opens up lots of possibilities for etching glass, which seemed a little daunting to me. Now it seems doable. Thanks.

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