Congratulations Graduate Pop-Up Card

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By Cardmaking & Scrapbook Layout Contributor, Peg from the blog Peg’s Crafting Corner.

Usually, the focus of a card is the front of it, but in the case of a pop up card it becomes the inside where the action of the moving parts becomes the center of attention. Although, it looks complicated it’s really a pretty easy card to make and it’s a great way to tell your graduate that you are proud of their accomplishments.  When it is opened the fun and smiles will begin.

Begin cutting a 10″ x 7″ piece of green cardstock and fold in half for the card base.  Next, create the top of the cap by cutting a 3 ½” x 3 ½” square red piece of cardstock and scoring it down the middle using the Martha Stewart Scoring Board.

Next, score it on 2 of the sides at the ½” mark.

Trim the triangle piece out that is created by all of the score lines as shown in the picture using a pair of scissors.

Cut 3 pieces of the new American Crafts Silly Skeedadle patterned paper to 4″ x 6″ and adhere two of them to the inside of the card with a tape runner.  Lay the third piece aside for use later. Hand cut a piece of red cardstock 3 ½” x 1″ and cut a “v” into each end of it to create the banner.  Place the “Let the Fun Begin” sticker from the Accents and Phrase Sticker Book onto the banner and adhere it with tape to the card.   Once this is done, align the top of the cap to the top of the card and glue with a strong wet glue  only the tabs that were created by scoring the ½” as shown in the picture.  The glue should be placed below the score line on the tab.  Close the card and lay something heavy to keep it closed until it is completely dry.

Cut a strip of red cardstock 1 ½” side x 11 ½” long and score at 1 5/8″, 3 ¼” 5 ¾” , 8 ¼” and 9 7/8″.  Fold each section at the score lines.

Unfold and fold in half.  Using a pair of small tipped scissors and cut a small curve from where it is folded to the score line.

Fold the strip up at each score mark and overlap the tabs on the back once you add a little tape on each end to form a closed piece.  It should look like this once you have completed this step.

Turn the back to face you and spread a good amount of wet glue onto it.  This is necessary to hold the piece on the card securely as it is opened and closed.

Place this piece on the card, aligning the back fold with the card fold.  The top of the piece should overlap the tabs that hold the top of the cap in place.  The left side (the section towards the back that has glue) should be adhered to the left side of the card.  Close the card and place a heavy object on it to keep it closed until the glue has dried.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for the glue to dry create the tassle.  Begin placing the American Crafts Dear Lizzy Banner Stamp that comes in the Camera Stamp collection on a stamp block and ink only the bottom and side parts.   Stamp it onto white cardstock.  Clean off the stamp and re-ink just the top section of the stamp and stamp it onto the last part that was stamped.  You should have a “tassle” that now measures 2 ¾” in length.  Cut it out using scissors.  It’s ok if the lines are evenly matched because it will make it look like the tassle is moving.

Punch a small hole in the top of the cap and the top of the tassle using a craft knife.  Place the brad from the Dear Lizzy Collection through both pieces and close it.  Be sure that the tabs on the brad run parallel to the fold on the top of the cap so that it doesn’t interfere with folding it.

Decorate the outside of the card with the third piece of Silly Skeddadle paper and put “Congrats” on it using the Splendid White Thickers from the Dear Lizzy Collection.

You now have a fabulous pop-up card that will bring more fun and excitement to the graduation party.


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2 thoughts on “Congratulations Graduate Pop-Up Card

  1. Jackie F

    First, I would have liked to see the front of the card too.
    Second, this was a confusing idea with very few pictures. Couldn’t you have made a video tutorial? That always makes it easier for the audience to see the steps involved.

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